3 Hawaiian Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Summer {Thursday 3: July 19, 2018}

Hey, friends! The weather here in the Pacific Northwest is starting to heat up (we hit 80 degrees in our poorly ventilated house this week – woohoo!), and it’s got me longing for that one time we spent seven years living on the island of Maui. The beaches, the palm trees, the balmy evenings… Sigh. I miss my (other) island home. Somehow, living on an island in Washington State just isn’t as…how do I put it? Warm.


3 Hawaiian Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Summer Thursday 3


One way that I keep myself connected to Maui is by wearing the Hawaiian jewelry that I wore while living there. Maui girls have got a look, and it usually consists of beachy clothes and handmade shell or ocean-inspired jewelry.

Handmade Hawaiian jewelry is HUGE on Maui and you can easily find it being sold in shops or by a vendor at one of the Friday Town Parties. Luckily, if you are on the mainland, you can still get a hold of these pieces via the Internet.

If you’ve been wanting to pull off that beachy Maui vibe, the three Hawaiian jewelry pieces below will give you a good headstart toward looking like a genuine Maui girl.


No. 1: Sunrise Seashell Necklace

Maimoda Jewelry Sunrise Seashell Necklace Maui Girl Jewelry Hawaiian Jewelry

First up is this sunrise seashell necklace by Maimoda Jewelry (check out the entire shop – the pieces are gorgeous!). Sunrise seashells are rare and are only found in the waters surrounding the Hawaiian islands. Colors vary by seashell, but their range of colors include the colors of a Hawaiian sunrise: pink, red, orange, yellow, and purple. A sunrise seashell necklace is a perfect complement to summer’s tan skin.


No. 2: Hammered Teardrop Pearl Hoop Earrings

Maui Ocean Jewelry Teardrop Pink Pearl Hoops Maui Girl Jewelry Hawaiian Jewelry

Pearls are big in Hawaiian jewelry. These hammered teardrop pink pearl hoop earrings from Maui Ocean Jewelry are great face framers. Luminescent pearls brighten up your skin and perk up your complexion when you feel zapped from too much time in the sun. The artist behind Maui Ocean Jewelry is Shuana Johnson, whose three children I taught in some capacity while they were in 4th grade at Pukalani School. She’s a great mom and a great jeweler. She gave me a few pieces before we moved away almost two years ago and I’m still wearing them! Definitely check out her Etsy store.


No. 3: Cone Shell and Pearl Bangles

Hana Maui Creations Pearl and Shell Bangles Maui Girl Jewelry Hawaiian Jewelry

Rounding out the Maui girl look is a wrist full of bangles. Cone shells and pearls are incredibly popular, as are hammered metal charms and sea glass. These bangles from Hana Maui Creations strikes the perfect balance of shells and pearl, but there are plenty of Maui girls who wouldn’t hesitate to stack on more!

If you can’t be on Maui, you might as well dress like you are! Which piece of jewelry is your favorite? 


3 Hawaiian Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Summer Maui Girl Jewelry

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