My Dream Home

My Dream Home


I’ve spent a good portion of my life thinking about my dream house. I think this may because my mom spent a lot of time looking at houses for sale. We were the family that perused the real estate listings in the paper each week and stopped at the for sale signs in front of houses to grab flyers.

My mom bought and sold three houses over the course of 25 years. She said she had “itchy feet” and would feel the urge to move about six years into living in a house. So I began to dream about houses at a young age, and even got a software program when I was a kid that I could use to design home floor plans.

And yet, I’ve never owned my own home. Part of that is due to the home prices on Maui, part of that is due to entering the job market right after the economy tanked, and part of that is due to my husband’s and my indecisiveness as to where we want to live. We lived on Maui for seven years, but we could never decide if that’s where we were going to put down roots. Now we’re back in our hometown and we’re not sure this is the place for us either.

Nevertheless, I watch HGTV and have definitely thought about what my dream house would look like. Over the years, my ideal home has changed. It used to be I wanted a really big and really fancy McMansion in a suburban neighborhood.

After living in a really, really small cottage on Maui for five years (think 450 square feet for two people – our King size bed took up so much space in our bedroom I literally climbed onto it from the foot of the bed every night), I don’t need or want a big house. A big house equals more cleaning, and I hate cleaning. The house we are currently living in is about 1,600 square feet and is just right for us. There are a few rooms we don’t even use, but I can see using them in the future when our daughter gets bigger and our family expands (fingers crossed).

My ideal home would be located in a place with the Blue Zones happiness conditions of sunshine, water, and mountains. I would love to live on a lakefront property with enough storage for a boat, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, bikes, and any other outdoorsy toys we might have.

The house itself would either be a cabin or a turn of the century Craftsman, ideally one we could fix up ourselves. I’d love an open floor plan if it’s a cabin, but I would want to keep the original floor plan if it’s an older home. And, since I’ve become quite lazy and accustomed to not dealing with stairs, I would prefer a one level home if it’s a cabin. (I assume an original Craftsman in the square footage we would like to have is most likely going to be two stories, and there’s not much I can do about that because you can’t build a 100 year-old home.)

I swoon over little details in houses, especially older homes, so built-in bookcases, fireplaces, curved archways, and prairie style windows are all necessary in my dream Craftsman. If it’s a cabin, I would prefer to have the wood walls be painted or stained a lighter color. Too much wood makes me claustrophobic and think of ‘70s wood paneling.

Of course, seeing as I want either a cabin or a Craftsman, I would like hardwood floors throughout, especially if they are original. I’m not too picky about color, but I do like a dark hardwood floor contrasted with lighter colors throughout the home.

My dream kitchen has a gas stove top, because once you cook with gas you can’t go back to electric (at least not without complaining the entire time you are cooking). And in my dream to end all dreams, I would have a double oven. One day I will get a double oven. This will be realized. Along with a huge wine refrigerator. (I don’t want a wine cellar. It’s too much work to have to go down to the cellar and back up for a glass of wine. Lazy. I am lazy.)

I love white cabinets and light countertops, but I also know that I have a small child who will turn every white cabinet door into a mess of jammy fingerprints within six minutes of entering the kitchen. I think then it’s best to go with medium to dark-tones in the kitchen, unless I want to spend a good percentage of my time cleaning the kitchen every day and I don’t want to do that (sigh).

Four bedrooms, three baths, and a bonus playroom would be lovely. I would be over the moon to have an ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom. We’ve never had an en suite bathroom, and I just don’t want to share with my daughter and guests anymore.

Another must-have is a long, deep bathtub. I am tall and my husband is tall and we both like to take baths. Unfortunately, every bathtub we’ve had is one of those standard length ones that you have to sit in with your legs halfway out of the water. They’re cold, plain and simple. I want a long, deep tub so I can soak without freezing my legs off. (One of the houses my mom bought and sold she actually had a contractor build. She put in a long, deep tub especially for me. I went to college a year after the house was built and barely got to use it, but boy, it was lovely sitting in that bathtub. I can just imagine how good it would feel now paired with a nice glass of wine.)

Decor would be a cozy, inviting combination of Pottery Barn meets Anthropologie (or, more likely, Target) with a lot of antiques thrown in. I’d love a long, comfy leather couch (virtually childproof), seasonal decor on the mantel, and a rug that is not the grey Moroccan trellis rug I got for my daughter’s nursery and have now seen posted in all of my Facebook friends’ homes.

Outdoors, we would have a front porch and a backyard deck, complete with a garden and lawn maintained by someone else. Maybe someday I’ll get the gardening bug, but I have a feeling it’s not going to be while I’m working full-time. Completing our outdoor space would be a hot tub and a sauna, because, if you didn’t catch from my entire paragraph on wanting a long, deep bathtub, my husband and I really like to sit and be warm.

While it’s fun to dream about the perfect house and what it would be like to live there, the thing I most dream about is what goes on inside the house. My true dream home is full of love, laughter, and peace. If we have those intangibles, I really and truly don’t care what my house looks like. If you have a happy home life, a nice house is just the icing on an already delicious cake.

Thank you again to Kait at Communikait for this prompt for her September blogging challenge. (Are we still really in September? Seems like it’s been the longest month this year.)

What does your dream house look like?

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