The Sunday Sessions: 5.27.18 Edition

Sunday is traditionally a day in which we slow down, take time for reflection, and recharge. Every Sunday, I will share a poem, excerpt, or thought that will make us think, wonder, or even laugh as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming week.


The Sunday Sessions: 5.27.18 Edition


We are in the heart of Memorial Day weekend, and many people are taking advantage of three days off to get away, relax, and celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer.  As we so often do with any holiday, we forget the meaning of the day. As a reminder, Memorial Day honors the men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces.

I think service is the greatest gift that we can give. We honor fallen service members because they gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country, but the wonderful thing about service is that you can be an ordinary person and still be of service. Even better, any amount of time you dedicate to others makes a difference. Whether it’s a smile for someone who looks like they’ve had a rough day, volunteering in a soup kitchen once a week, raising healthy and kind children, or working in a helping profession, everything counts. You don’t have to dig too deep. Little things you already do on a daily basis are already serving others.

Question of the Week

On this day of remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country, what do you do to serve others?

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