The Weekend Edit: April 16, 2021

Hello, everyone! How was your week? We announced yesterday that we are pregnant with baby number 3! We’re waiting to find out if it’s a boy or a girl until birth day. We’ve got two girls. What do you think we’re going to have?



No recipe of the week this week because the dinners I cooked turned out to be duds. Just didn’t seem to have the magic touch this week.

Without further ado, here are some links I enjoyed this week and am now passing on to you.


The Weekend Edit - April 16, 2021


A Few Articles from Around the Web:

What Melania Trump’s Biographers Learned: ‘More in It for Her to Stay Than to Go’: I know I’m not the only one who finds her fascinating. Turns out that’s the way she wants it.


Kentucky home with creepy ‘optional room’ hits market for $399,000. Take a look: Um, yeah, that’s a no from me.


Trove of Treasures, From Gold Skull Ring to Tudor Coins, Unearthed in Wales: I used to watch a fictional British show called “Detectorists” and this haul would have been the find of a lifetime for the two guys on that show.


I Thought My Job Was To Report On Technology In India. Instead, I Got A Front-Row Seat To The Decline Of My Democracy.: I had no idea about all the restrictive new laws in India.


Were the Neanderthals smarter than we are?: Nerd alert! Apparently, reading this kind of stuff is how I procrastinate now.


A Different Theory of COVID-19’s Origin: My husband sent me a different article on this topic that was way too hard for me to understand. This is article is much more friendly for the scientifically uninclined.


Here Is The Top ‘Love Language’ For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type: Mine checks out.


The Surprising Ways Your Birth Order Impacts Your Personality Type: I am a rare INFJ only child.


‘Zoom fatigue’ may be with us for years. Here’s how we’ll cope.: OMG, I hate Zoom right now.


Why Do Some Women Only Give Birth to Boys or Girls? A Genetic Explanation: All I know is my side of the family is really good at making girls.


Hope you all have some sunshine forecasted for your weekend! We’re going to get outside and play!

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