The Weekend Edit: April 9, 2021

Hey, everyone! How was your week? We had spring break, but our family did not go anywhere. We chose to stay home and clean the house. Guess how much of our house got cleaned? So little we should have just gone on vacation. We should’ve known better!

Anyway, here are a few links I’ve come across the past couple weeks that caught my interest. Enjoy!


The Weekend Edit: April 9, 2021


Recipe of the Week:

Tuscan Chicken Linguine: We made this for my in-laws when they came over a few weeks ago after becoming fully vaccinated and we had it again this week. We used this recipe for the Tuscan heat spice blend:  4 parts basil (dried flakes), 2 parts rosemary (dried flakes), 2 parts oregano (dried flakes), 2 parts garlic powder, 1 part “low heat” cayenne pepper, 1 part ground fennel.


A Few Articles From Around the Web:

Relatable Bear Mom Struggles to Wrangle All Her Rambunctious Cubs Across Connecticut Road: Anyone who has ever taken care of two children at one time can relate!


Vaccine FOMO Is the Final Stage of Pandemic Loneliness: “Is everyone getting vaccinated without me?”


How Sara Gruen Lost Her Life: The Water for Elephants author’s six-year fight to free an incarcerated man left her absolutely broke and critically ill.: This story is nuts.


A Dog Who Kept Sneaking into a Dollar General for a Unicorn Toy Gets His Plush and a New Start: This story is so sweet.



Why You Stay Up So Late, Even When You Know You Shouldn’t: I am definitely a “revenge bedtime procrastinator”.


21 Stories About Kids Remembering Things About Their Past Lives That’ll Send A Chill Up Your Spine: I love stuff like this.


Dreading post-pandemic crowds and social situations? Exposure therapy can help.: I admit, sometimes going to the grocery store when it’s busy can be a little daunting these days.


Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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  • “ The theory says that when infants form secure attachments, they’re also forming the capacity for relationships in the future. “. Our visit wasn’t near long enough but the hugs filled my soul. Ada watched me, cautious and curious. Fiona snuggled in with comfortable warmth. Good to be opening up again.

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