The Weekend Edit: July 23, 2021

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re having a great summer. I am about 5 weeks away from our baby’s due date, so my pregnant body has been hot, hot, hot, even though it’s only been in the low 70s after our awful heat wave a few weeks ago. Here are a few links from around the web I’ve found interesting.


The Weekend Edit, July 23, 2021


Recipe of the Week:

Jordan Marsh’s Blueberry Muffins: We went blueberry picking last weekend and picked 5 pounds of blueberries within 30 minutes (until Fi declared she had to go potty even though she just went before we left the house and there was no restroom available at the farm). So we’ve been eating a lot of blueberries and making a lot of muffins. Tip: Toss the berries in flour before adding them to the mix so they don’t sink to the bottom of the muffins while baking. We learned that the hard way on our first batch.


Links From Around the Web:

The value of a lost tooth is on the rise – 30 cent increase marks upward trend: Fi is only 4.5, but she has lost her two front bottom teeth this summer! And her adult teeth are coming in. We had to Google how much the going rate for a tooth is these days, and man, I wish my salary kept up with inflation like the cost of teeth have. For the record, we lowballed her and gave her $3 per tooth.

Do You Live in a Political Bubble: I find this website fascinating. Based on our address, we don’t quite live in a bubble, but we’re not too politically diverse, either. (64% of my neighbors are Democrats.) Input your address to see if you live in a political bubble.

‘Jaws at 35,000 feet’: the flight attendant whose debut thriller sold for seven figures: This book sounds so good. Also, seven figures?!

The Grim Secret of Nordic Happiness: Interesting take on why those Nordic countries score so high on happiness scales.

IF PEOPLE TALKED TO OTHER PROFESSIONALS THE WAY THEY TALK TO TEACHERS: Luckily, I haven’t had a lot of bad experiences with parents as a teacher, but gosh, this tongue-in-cheek list makes a good point about how our society views the teaching profession.

A psychologist says parents of ‘exceptionally resilient and successful’ kids always do these 7 things: ‘Yes, some are a little intense’: I am apparently not raising exceptionally resilient and successful children.

COVID-Infected Woman, 76, Believed to Be Dead, Wakes Up Minutes Before Her Cremation: Good timing!

America Has a Drinking Problem: Who have you been drinking with?

How America Fractured Into Four Parts: This is fascinating to me. Are you part of Free America, Smart America, Real America, or Red America?

How Some Americans Are Breaking Out of Political Echo Chambers: Are you getting your news from left-, right-, AND center-leaning sources? I’m trying.

The Devil Wears Prada writer reveals where the characters are now, 15 years later: This is satisfying.

‘Guys’ isn’t a gendered word anymore. It’s fine to use with everyone.: Good news, because, guys, I’ve apparently been offending women my entire life.

Critical race theory: the concept dividing the US: Good overview of both sides from the BBC in case you’re wondering what the heck is all the uproar about CRT.

The Secret to Being a Charming Introvert: ‘Reversals’: I’m about as charming as a cardboard box, so maybe this will help.

ALLISON, THIS IS YOUR FUTURE COLLEGE, AND WE’RE HERE TO RUIN YOUR LIFE: “Even after you graduate, this college is going to be part of your life forever. For one, you will have reoccurring dreams that you forgot to take your calculus final and never graduated — your therapist will have a ton of thoughts on that one.”

Three women discovered they were dating the same man. They dumped him and went on a months-long road trip together.: Sisterhood! (Also, the guy was dating six women at once. How?)


Hope you guys have a great weekend 😉

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