Thursday 3: April 23, 2020

Happy Thursday, friends! We’ve had an uneventful week around here. There’s not much going on when you’re staying home everyday. We’ve taken lots of walks, planted some flowers, and played with chalk both inside and outside. Here are some things that have brought a smile to my face this week.

No. 1: Even the Rich Podcast

I am digging the Even the Rich podcast. Co-hosts Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore-Williams tell the stories of famous family dynasties, starting with the English royal family. I love hearing stories about the rich and famous. Growing up, my grandma and I adopted The National Enquirer’s slogan as our own: “Enquiring minds want to know.” And do I ever want to know!

What I like about this podcast, though, is that its retelling of these families’ stories isn’t sleazy in any way. Brook and Aricia have hearts and empathize when appropriate with the family members. Listening to them is like having the very best gossip session with a friend. You learn about other people, but you’re not doing it in a mean way.

If you’re as interested in the rich and famous as I am, check out Even the Rich. The first four episodes are about the royal family and the next series will be about the Murdochs.

No. 2: Quarantine Kitchen Fun

Like may people these days who are staying home, we are spending a lot more time in the kitchen. On Tuesday, Kevin and Fiona made pizza together for dinner using Boboli pizza crusts. Next time we’re going to try making our own pizza dough, because I got my yeast order!

Fiona and I also made two loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread on Monday night. You can find the recipe here. My cousin recommends using applesauce instead of vegetable oil, but we didn’t have a large quantity of applesauce and I wasn’t going to run to the store for a non-essential item. Next time!

No. 3: Front Facing Car Seat

This may not be cause for celebration in many people’s lives, but for our 3-year-old, facing forward in her car seat was huge! My niece (technically my first cousin once removed, but whatever) celebrated her birthday on Wednesday. Her mom orchestrated a drive by birthday party for her. Before we drove over, we moved Fiona’s car seat from rear facing to forward facing. It was so fun to watch her face as she looked out the window while we drove. It was like she was seeing for the first time! Car rides are hopefully going to be a lot more fun for her now!

I hope you all have been having more eventful weeks than I have, but somehow I doubt it! Stay home, stay healthy, save lives! Tomorrow I’ll be posting a new Weekend Edit post with fun things to read while we’re quarantining 🙂

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