Thursday 3: April 26, 2018

What an interesting week. As I wrote in last week’s Thursday 3, I took Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off to take care of my mildly contagious daughter. The extra time spent with her was so fun, but that wasn’t the only excitement I had. Check out what else I was up to this week.

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Thursday 3: April 26, 2018


No. 1: Spring Pedicure

I gave myself my first pedicure this weekend since boot season began last fall. It felt so good to get my toes polished. Living in Hawaii, I kept up a pedicure routine because my feet were always in sandals. Since I didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars a year visiting the nail salon, I learned how to do a good enough job giving myself a pedicure that many people thought my handiwork was done by the professionals. Revisiting my bi-weekly ritual gave me the idea to write a spring pedicure guide, which I’ll post next week on the blog.

I chose one of my fave polish colors to wear, L’Oreal’s Violet Vixen.

No. 2: Date Night

My aunt drove up from the Seattle area on Saturday night and stayed home with our daughter while my husband and I went on our first date night in a while. We’re not very good at asking family members or setting up babysitters to watch our little girl so we can have couple time, which, after this last date, we realized is something we definitely need to do more of.

We went to the Oyster & Thistle‘s pub in La Conner, which is a cozy space with fantastic food. I took a picture of my husband’s beer and my pinot noir, but I didn’t take pictures of our appetizers and meals. We had fresh artisan bread and potato gnocchi to start, followed by beef bourguignon for my husband and the O&T burger for me.  It was amazing how just a couple hours allowed us to push pause and reconnect.

Beer and Wine at the Oyster & Thistle


No. 3: Sunday Funday

On Sunday, my aunt joined my little family on a trip out to the tulips on Calhoun Road and then to the petting farm I mentioned in my guide to Tulip Festival. I had tried to get some shots of the tulips twice before, but the first time my camera battery was dead and the second time I forgot to put the SD card back in the camera. Luckily, third time was the charm and we captured some great shots of our family and the tulips.

Pink tulip field

Purple Tulips

Yellow tulip in a field of red tulips

Next, we went to the 4-H petting farm and had a blast with the farm animals. My daughter was obsessed with the pygmy goats. She couldn’t stop looking at them and laughing with joy. We joked that maybe we should get a goat instead of dog. It would be a twofer, as the goat could eat our grass so we wouldn’t have to mow our yard!

Toddler petting a pygmy goat

Toddler petting a pygmy goat

Toddler feeding a pygmy goat

We ended the day with my niece’s 8th birthday party and a family barbecue. What a fun-filled Sunday!

I’m still plugging away on my National Boards, but I’m looking forward to some more tulip fun this weekend with a friend and her kids. What fun plans do you have this weekend?

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