Thursday 3: April 30, 2020

Hi, friends! It’s another Thursday. It’s been a pretty good week for us so far. We had a Zoom call with some former colleagues in Hawaii. After canceling our April trip to the Big Island and Maui, being able to see our friends was just the best. Another exciting event was Ada rolling over for the first time today, taking us completely by surprise. She hasn’t been doing any rocking during tummy time and then bam! She’s on her side. And bam! She’s on her back. It was a great moment. Here are a few other things I liked this week.



Morning Exercise

Kevin and I started waking up early to exercise together before the girls wake up. We have done some HIIT videos we found on YouTube by Team Body Project. We like them so far because Kevin and I can do them together but at our own pace. Kevin has been doing HIIT workouts with some friends over Zoom twice a week, but I just started working out again and I am so, so sore. Today, both girls slept in (hurray!) and I took advantage by doing my first yoga session since giving birth with a Yoga With Adriene YouTube video. It’s been hard, but getting my body moving again has felt really good.


Team Body Project
Team Body Project


Yoga With Adriene
Yoga With Adriene


ParentData Newsletter by Emily Oster

I signed up for the ParentData Newsletter by Emily Oster awhile back and I have really enjoyed getting her newsletters in my email inbox. Emily Oster is a professor of economics at Brown University. After getting pregnant, she scoured data in medical studies to help her make decisions about her preganancy and birth. She continued doing this after her first child was born. She wrote Expecting Better and Cribsheet to help other parents make more informed decisions about their own pregnancies and parenting. I really loved both of her books, which I read in my third trimester of my second pregnancy. I wish I had known about Expecting Better the first time around (Cribsheet wasn’t published yet), but I was gratified to learn that pretty much everything I had done on intuition turned out to be what Oster did with her own children.

The newsletters are great, especially now during the uncertainty of the pandemic. She takes an issue parents face, parses the data, and then lays out the options people can choose to do and the appending consequences for each. Or she’ll look at something most parents deal with and sift through the data to see if commonly held beliefs turn out to be true. For example, in a recent newsletter, she looked at whether teething really causes fever in children. (Spoiler: it doesn’t.) If you’re looking for something that provides solid, research-based data that helps you make better parenting decisions and is also funny and relatable, this newsletter is for you.


Expecting Better Emily Oster


Cribsheet Emily Oster


Imagined Life Podcast

I started listening to a new-to-me podcast called Imagined Life. It’s been around for a couple of years, which is my favorite way to start a series so that I can binge without waiting for new episodes every week. The premise of the podcast is that the narrator tells the story of a famous person’s life, but from the second person point of view as if you are that famous person. You experience what it was like to be that person before they became famous and you don’t find out who you are until the very end.

I love trying to figure out who the person is, and I will text my husband as I’m listening with my guesses and the minute mark. The hardest one for me was very first episode in season one. He was one of my guesses early on, but I dismissed him because I thought he was American and it turns out he immigrated to America in his youth. The episode I guessed the person the fastest was the fourth episode. I had a hunch by the title of the episode (“The Bride”) and knew within a minute that I was right.

If you’ve ever been a fan of People magazine or have an “enquiring mind” like me, you’ll have fun trying to guess who the famous person is in each episode and learning new tidbits about them along the way.


Imagined Life podcast


Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy out there! I’ve got a new Weekend Edit coming your way tomorrow!

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