Thursday 3: March 8, 2018

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People are fascinating, aren’t they? If I could have a super power, I would choose invisibility. It would bring me no greater joy than to be able to walk through people’s homes undetected, noting everything from how they decorate their living room to what toiletries they have stocked in their medicine cabinets.

I love learning about other people’s personal choices: the mascara they’re using, the books they’re reading, the pillows they’re buying… These decisions reveal a lot about a person, which is thrilling for a nosy person like me who will regard each revelation like a clue I can use to piece together the mystery of someone’s personality.

A sports bra, a Vitamix, and yoga pants disclose your commitment to health. A quilted Chanel bag, huge Dior sunglasses, and black Christian Louboutin heels show you value luxury (possibly to the exclusion of developing your own personal taste). Lip balm from the check out line at Target, a quilted vest bought three years ago, and a half eaten protein bar reveal you’re economical, rushed, and may possibly be me.

While I currently may not be the most glamorous person in the world, I do have a few things I’m enjoying in my life right now that go beyond the ordinary. Here are three things I’m loving this Thursday.


Thursday 3


No. 1 Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner in Nude

This eyeliner is great at making you look less tired in the morning. Draw it on the waterline of your lower lashes and it masks any redness leftover from a sleepless night from, say, a toddler waking up at 3:00 a.m. and not going back to sleep until 4:30. I’m not speaking from experience or anything. This did not happen Tuesday night.


No. 2: Hydro Flask Water Bottle

I’ve had my purple Hydro Flask for two years and have used it almost every day. I first got it when I was living on Maui, working in a school that did not have air conditioning. Other water bottles, even double walled ones, did not keep water cold for long in that environment. This brand does keep water cold. Like really cold. Like sometimes I go home with ice cubes still in the bottle cold.

I’m really enjoying that feature of my Hydro Flask this week, because I started working out again. I’ve squeezed in a few gym sessions after work. When I’ve refilled my water before hitting the treadmill, I’ve still got ice left over from the morning, so my water is super cold when I’m sweating through the miles.

Bonus Tip: You can buy a variety of different styles of lids for your Hydro Flask, and I’ve found the easiest one to use is the flip top with a straw. It doesn’t leak and it’s more convenient than unscrewing the whole lid off like you have to with the one that is included when you buy a Hydro Flask

No. 3: Oprah's Super Soul Sunday with Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling

I commute 30 minutes to work every day, which I find a little soul crushing after living only 10 minutes from work for seven years. To pass the time, I listen to podcasts and YouTube videos. This week I listened to Oprah talk to Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling, two women I really admire. Oprah, Reese, and Mindy worked together on A Wrinkle in Time, and while they were obviously getting together to promote the movie, they touched on many topics pertinent to life as a modern American woman. These included making space for other women to succeed in the workplace instead of competing with them, sexual assault and leaving abusive relationships, why “ambitious” should not be perceived as a negative trait in women, and why “likeable” is such an unlikeable word when it describes females. A deep conversation with more than a few touches of lightness thrown in.


What have you been loving this week? One more day until the weekend!




2 thoughts on “Thursday 3: March 8, 2018”

  • Great podcast recommendation! i listen to them most of the day at work and am always on the lookout for new ones. This week I’ve been catching up on Forever 35, which is basically two friends talking about self-care, with guest interviews. I go back and forth between being rankled by the inherent privilege of discussing multi-step face care regimens and basking in the warm camaraderie of the hosts. Either way, I can’t stop listening. Maybe it’s time to give Oprah a try.

    • I was going to ask you who you listen to. I will check Forever 35 out! I love Oprah. My love for her is a little much. I subscribe to her magazine. I listen to her podcasts. I’d walk by her house on Maui when I lived there. I’m thinking about buying her latest book, The Wisdom of Sundays. I really like her Super Soul Sunday episodes with Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Deepak Chopra. I’m getting to be more spiritual now, which I really wasn’t ever before, and the Deepak Chopra one moved me quite a bit.

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