Thursday 3: May 7, 2020

Hi, friends! I hope all is well in your world. I had a really hard time coming up with three things I’m loving in my life this week. I “went back to work” on Monday and have been trying to figure out how to do my job from home while also taking care of a three-year-old and three-month-old. It’s hard! I’ve decided that the new meaning of work-life balance is balancing your children on your lap while you work.  See pictures:




Since I haven’t exactly had time to discover new joys since starting work again (how sad is that statement?), I decided to share the three little treats from Rifle Paper Co. that I am deciding between to buy myself for Mother’s Day on Sunday. I hardly ever buy anything for myself and what better time than Mother’s Day after getting through the tough first few months with a new baby and starting work again? Plus, I just love Rifle Paper Co. I bought one of their calendars a few years ago at a sweet little boutique in the San Juan Islands and ever since I haven’t been able to resist their pretty stationery and accessories.



No. 1: Stemless Wine Cup in Wild Rose 

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you may remember that I recently broke a stemless wine glass my husband had given me for Christmas. We break so many glasses in our house. We are the biggest klutzes ever. This time, I opened a cabinet door and a box of Cheerios landed on the wine glass on the counter below it. The wine glass fell to the ground and shattered on our kitchen floor. It was tragic. I told Kevin we need stainless steel wine glasses so maybe I won’t break them anymore. Enter this beauty from Rifle Paper Co. Their stemless wine cup in wild rose is stainless steel, triple-insulated, and so, so pretty. Perfect for a klutz like me!



Rifle Paper Co. stemless wine cup


No. 2: Dickinson Quote Art Print

The calendar that I bought a few years ago had this print with a quote from Emily Dickinson as the art for one of the months. I fell in love with everything about it. Emily Dickinson was my gateway poet. I started reading her poems in middle school and then started to read other poets’ work. I love the idea in the quote on this print – “Forever is composed of nows”. It’s a true and lovely statement that reminds me to live in the present.


Dickinson Art Quote print Rifle Paper Co.


No. 3: Leather Garden Party Crew Kick 75 Sneaker

These shoes are adorable! How could you wear these and not be happy? They are the perfect spring transitioning to summer shoe, especially in the Pacific Northwest where it’s not really summer until mid-July. They’ve got all the looks for a feminine, floral spring outfit, but your feet will still be warm enough they don’t chill in our nippy 55 degree days.


Rifle Paper Co. Garden Party Crew Kick 75 Sneakers


What are you currently browsing online these days? Any little treats you’ve got lined up for yourself? 

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