The Sunday Sessions: Edition 2.18.18

Sunday is traditionally a day in which we slow down, take time for reflection, and recharge. Every Sunday, I will share a poem or excerpt that will make us think, wonder, or even laugh as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming week.



Those Winter Sundays

by Thomas Hayden



Due to copyright laws, you can access the poem at


Question of the Week

It is snowing here on this winter Sunday. The winter season can feel lonely and cold as the grey days drag on and the bitter wind tries to slink its way through unsealed cracks and into coats not fully zipped. It’s a season in which we put up defenses to protect ourselves. But is the armor we are wearing keeping out more than the weather?


We all have a love language that we prefer. Mine is words of affirmation. But if I only allow myself to perceive love in this one way, I will fail to see the full spectrum of love being given to me. It’s important for me to make sure that the walls I put up for protection don’t inadvertently exclude love in a different language.


How are others showing you love? Are you missing acts of love because they aren’t in your preferred love language? 

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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Sessions: Edition 2.18.18”

  • I had never thought of the idea of a preferred love language, or that I may be missing love that is expressed in ways that are not comforting or … obvious to me. How does one open themselves to more languages of love? Finding that key may help me have less people in my life I set boundaries on because I find them difficult.

    • That’s a good question! I don’t know the answer. I know that my primary love language is not the same as Kevin’s, which has been an issue for us. We’d be showing each other love, but we didn’t even know it was happening because it wasn’t in the form we preferred. We’ve had lots of conversations about this, so now we’re able to at least recognize when the other person is showing us love. For example, a few weekends ago, Kevin helped with the laundry and cleaning up the house. This is an act of service, which does nothing for me emotionally. But I saw that it was one of his ways of showing love to me, so I acknowledged and thanked him for his effort.

      I guess you just have to start noticing what the person does specifically for you that may be construed as showing love. My mom liked to give me presents. They’d be items I’d been wanting for a long time or things that she knew I would like. That was one of her love languages. I’ve noticed that you like to do that, too. It might be a love language we share in our family.

      That being said, if you find someone difficult, knowing their love language may not be enough reason for you to remove your boundaries. Just because you understand someone doesn’t mean you have to like them!

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