Thursday 3: May 10, 2018

Less than a week until National Boards are due and what am I doing? Writing this blog post. I taught at a Leader in Me school (based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey), and yet I haven’t learned Habit #3 Put First Things First.  Le sigh… So here are the wonderful things I’ve been loving as I successfully procrastinate on completing something I paid $495 to do!

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Thursday 3: May 10, 2018


No. 1: Cinco de Mayo Date Night

That’s two in the last three weeks. Hurray! My aunt drove up from the Seattle area and stayed with our daughter while she was sleeping so my husband and I could go out to dinner on Cinco de Mayo. We ate at a gourmet Mexican restaurant in town called Frida’s that we’d never visited before. Who knew there was such thing as a gourmet Mexican restaurant? I thought Mexican restaurants only came in the stereotypical Americanized Mexican food variety.

I had a mango margarita and my husband drank cerveza, but the food was the star of this show. It was incredible! Many of the dishes are named after famous artists from Frida Kahlo’s era. My meal was called Pollo Maria Izquierdo. It had a chicken breast stuffed with poblano chilies, onions and Monterrey cheese with a creamy poblano sauce. My husband ordered the Chiles en Nogada, which was roasted poblano chilies filled with ground beef, ground pork, pears, almonds, raisins, and apples, served with a sweet almond sauce of ranchero cheese, sherry, and piloncillo, and topped with dried cranberries or pomegranate seeds. I can’t begin to describe how delicious it tasted. (I apologize for the graininess of the cell phone pics!)

Cinco de Mayo Dinner at Frida's

Our food arrived quickly at Frida’s, so all my husband and I had time to talk about was how good our food was! After dinner, we walked across the street to the bar at the Majestic, a nice hotel downtown. My husband got an Old Rasputin, his favorite beer, and I drank a lilikoi cocktail while we shared a dessert called the chocolate bombe (butter pound cake with chocolate mousse glazed with ganache). We were way too full from dinner and definitely should not have ordered dessert, but somehow we managed to eat that cake. It was too delicious not to!

Cocktails and Cake

All in all, a lovely evening. We are so grateful to my aunt for offering her baby-sitting services so we could get out and reconnect.


No. 2: Sunny Outdoor Weekend

Besides our date night, we also enjoyed the sunshine outside this weekend. On Saturday, we hiked to Sares Head again and had a picnic amongst wildflowers and succulents with views of Whidbey Island and the San Juans. On our way back, we ran into my two nieces on the trail!

Sare's Head

The next day, we walked the Guemes Channel Trail with my aunt in the morning and took in the views of Guemes Island and the Anacortes ferry terminal.

Guemes Channel Trail

It’s weekends like these that make me thankful to live in such a beautiful place.


No. 3: Aquaphor

This may sound like a silly thing to love this week, but I’ve been sneezing and sniffling and blowing my nose due to a springtime cold. This made my lips sooo chapped. It got to the point where my lips stung when anything came into contact with them. Every lip balm and lotion I could think of to use didn’t make them feel better until I remembered my daughter’s tube of Aquaphor. I’ve been dabbing it on at all hours and it has really helped heal my poor pucker.

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